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Beyondsoft Fact Sheet

Beyondsoft Corporation was founded in 1995 in Beijing, China as an IT consulting and solutions firm. In 2004, it established Beyondsoft Consulting, Inc., in the U.S. and continues to expand its operations in Canada, India, Japan and Singapore. In 2012, Beyondsoft Corporation became a publicly traded company. Today, Beyondsoft has 32 delivery centers across six countries and over 10,000 developers and IT consultants.

Beyondsoft Consulting, Inc. (BCI), located in Bellevue, WA, is the North American head office supporting customers in strategic IT consulting, cloud, data and analytics, multi-language translation, QA and testing and digital platforms. BCI has also expanded its sales offices to San Jose, CA, Los Angeles, CA, and Plano, TX.

U.S. Corporate Address
3025 112th Ave. NE, Ste. 200, Bellevue, WA 98004


Beijing Corporate Address

No. 9 Building, Zhongguancun Software, Haidian District, Beijing, 100193 China

Beyondsoft Leadership Team




2016.04  Joins Microsoft’s Preferred Partner Power BI Red Carpet Program 
2016.04  Wins Datacenter Dynamics U.S and Canada Awards for Toyota Cloud Migrations and Securities Work
2016.04  Wins 2014 – 2015 China IT Services Model Enterprise Award for Financial Industry
2016.01  Extends AWS Capabilities Through Joint Venture with 1Strategy



2015.09  Awarded 2015 China Service Outsourcing Top 10 Leading Enterprises
2015.06  Beyondsoft Hope Primary School Established
2015.06 Acquired Hongmai Juxin (Beijing) Software Technology Co. Ltd
2015.06 Set Up a Wholly Owned Subsidiary in Singapore
2015.05 Acquired Piraeus Data LLC in the U.S.
2015.03 Wins Suppliers Annual Award of Alibaba Group
2015.03 Awarded 2014 Global Best Services Outsourcing Suppliers – Top 30 in China
2015.01 Awarded IT Time Weekly 2014 Best Solutions



2014.12 Awarded 2014 Top 50 China Cloud Computing Providers
2014.10 Global Headquarters Completed
2014.07 Ranked Among IDC’s Top 10 China-Based Offshore Software Development Providers
2014.05 Beyondsoft Suzhou Off-Site Facility for Microsoft Opened
2014.05 Won Microsoft 2014 Cost Management Award
2014.03  Awarded "Top 50 Service Outsourcing Players in China"
2014.03 Wholly Acquired U.S. TPG Consulting LLC
2014.03 Acquired 100% Shares of Shanghai Hongzhi Information Technology Co. Ltd. 


2013.12 Won 2013 Global Services 100 Honor
2013.11 Beyondsoft Taiwan Subsidiary Established
2013.10 Altran-Beyondsoft (Beijing) Technologies Co., Ltd. Formally Founded
2013.09 Ranked among Zinnov – Global Service Provider Rating Top 30 R&D Service Providers
2013.06 Set Up a Joint-Venture with Altran
2013.06 Joined the Internet Society of China
2013.03 Recognized as Microsoft Top Vendor in China
2013.03 Awarded "Top 50 Service Outsourcing Players in China"
2013.01 Successfully Integrated Hangzhou Jiejie Technology Limited
2013.01 Beyondsoft Xi'an Off-Site Facility for Microsoft Opened



2012.11   Set Up Wholly Owned Subsidiary in Canada
2012.11   Completed Acquisition of Five Subsidiaries of Achievo Corporation
2012.09  Ranked Among Zinnov – Global Service Provider Rating Top 75 R&D Service Providers 
2012.08  Acquired 100% Shares of Six Subsidiaries of Achievo Corporation
2012.08  Won 2012 Global Services 100 Honor
2012.08   Invested in First-Class System Integration Company in China
2012.07    Ranked Among IDC’s Top 10 China-Based Offshore Software Development Providers 
2012.07  Recognized as a Top 100 National Software Enterprises by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
2012.01 Successful Public Listing



2011.10 Honored as “Microsoft Gold Certified Partner” 
2011.08 Won “2010 Huawei IT Sub-Contracting Frame Supplier Excellent Partnership Award”
2011.07 Ranked Among IDC’s Top 10 China-Based Offshore Software Development Providers 
2011.06 Won “Huawei Year 2010 Quality Award” 
2011.03 Beyondsoft Hangzhou Office Established 


2010.12   Awarded China Software Industry Outsourcing Service Leader for 2010 
2010.10   Awarded Best Employer in China, 2010
2010.08   Ranked Among IDC’s Top 10 China-Based Offshore Software Development Providers
2010.07   Awarded “Top Green IT Service Provider” and “The Green IT Financial Outsourcing Service Contribution Award” for 2009 
2010.06    Achieved CMMI5 Certification
2010.05  Beyondsoft Xi'an Office Established
2010.05   Beyondsoft Shenzhen Office Established
2010.04   Completed Acquisition of ExtendLogic



2009.12   Ranked Among Top 10 China Leading Outsourcing Service Providers by Gartner, IDC, and TPI
2009.12            Recognized as “2009 National Strategic Software Company” by the Chinese Central Government (National Development and Reform Commission)
2009.10  Awarded “Best Employer in the Industry”
2009.06   Ranked Among Top 10 Chinese Outsourcing ITOs by the Chinese Central Government (China Sourcing Alliance & National Software and Integrated Circuit Public Service Platform)
2009.04   Beyondsoft Chengdu Research Center Was Established
2009.04   Beyondsoft CEO & President Ben Wang Was Awarded “Top 10 Leaders in China Software Industry”
2009.02  Ranked Among “IAOP 2009 Global Outsourcing 100”



2008.12  Ranked Among IAOP Global Outsourcing 100
2008.12  Ranked Among neoIT Global Services 100
2008.09 Sole Chinese Enterprise to Receive Both the “Top 10 Creative Brand Names in Asia” and the “Top 10 Creative People in Branding”
2008.07  Awarded “Top 10 Best Employers in Industry”
2008.07  Hosted the Chinese Outsourcing Industry Development Seminar
2008.05   Awarded “Most Competitive Brand in Chinese Outsourcing Industry” by the China News Service
2008.04   CEO and President of Beyondsoft Corporation Named Among Top 10 Contributors in Promoting the Chinese Outsourcing Industry
2008.01  Certified by SAP as an Authorized Training Partner 
2008.01  Acquired Unis Business Consulting to Expand in the ERP Service Area 



2007.12  Ranked IAOP Global Outsourcing 100
2007.12  Ranked neoIT Global Services 100
2007.10   Awarded Among “China Technology Fast 50” and “Asia Technology Fast 500” by Deloitte
2007.08  Earned ISO 27001:2005 Certification
2007.07  Acquired ESS, an Indian Company Focusing on ERP Products for SMEs



2006.12   Selected as a “National Strategic Software Enterprise”
2006.12  Earned CMMI 3 Certification
2006.10  Ranked Among “China Technology Fast 50” and “Asia Technology Fast 500” by Deloitte
2006.10   CEO and President of Beyondsoft Corporation Ben Wang Was Awarded Top Achiever in the Chinese Software Industry



2005.11   Global Headquarters Moved to zPark; Further Office Expansion
2005.09  Ranked Among Top 100 Potential Asia Enterprises by Red Herring Magazine



2004.07  Earned ISO 9001:2000 Certification
2004.03    Certified by the Ministry of Technology as Leading Chinese Software Export Company



2003.12   Became Member of Zhongguancun Software Export Alliance 
2003.11 Received Localization Excellence Award from Microsoft



2002.06   Beyondsoft’s Employees Ranked First Among All of Microsoft’s On-Site Teams



1999.07     Global Headquarters Moved to Shangdi Area with 1,000 Square Meters of Office Space 



1998.09   Training Center Established, Providing One-Stop Total Testing Solutions to Global Clients



1995.04   Beyondsoft Founded and Authorized by Microsoft to Localize the Windows 95 Operating System 


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