Automation testing is a hot topic. However, companies need more than mobile testing.

In April 2015, the Beyondsoft team returned from the first ever Mobile Dev + Test conference organized by Techwell in San Diego. One of the hottest topics at the show was automated testing.

About 90% of the show attendees that stopped at the Beyondsoft booth wanted more information on automated testing. Here is what we heard from the Mobile Dev + Test show attendees:

  • Automating mobile testing is in demand. The majority of the companies we talked to looked for customizable services that address various testing needs across different devices, platforms, and environments.
  • When developing a test automation strategy for mobile environments, test managers need support to address the different requirements for the mobile platforms. Testing for iOS is obviously different from testing for Android devices.
  • Many companies have in-house QA teams, but need more support to manage testing cycles with high quality results.
  • Rather than developing a product from scratch, companies need a hybrid solution; a mix of completely customized solutions with ready-made products. In short, mobile solutions need to be customizable plug and play that offer standard modules from off-the-shelf products.
  • Every company is like a tribe. Each organization has a different way of conducting business and running internal operations. They need partners and technology solutions that can adapt to their way of doing business.
  • Due to the faster pace of rolling out new technologies, companies are looking to get their business problems solved faster.

Overall, companies need more than mobile testing. Testing is only one part of the puzzle. Most companies we talked to were looking for mobile business solutions, a blend of mobile R&D capabilities, application development, testing, and engineering.

At Beyondsoft, we believe that every IT business strategy starts with the business challenge. We approach selecting IT solutions from the business problem perspective and then building the technical solution.