In today’s rapid mobile development and app testing environment, businesses and developers are looking for a robust and reliable mobile testing solution to support their development and testing needs. At the GSMA Mobile World Congress Americas (MWCA) in September, we will be demoing DevicePulse – a web-based, end-to-end mobile testing solution that can enable businesses and developers to perform manual, automated, and compatibility testing, more efficiently. This solution will enable customers to access their devices remotely in their browser or via APIs, and specify test parameters to meet their business needs.

Going beyond the traditional idea of test automation framework support, DevicePulse’s AI-enabled app crawler capabilities identify UI changes, detect potential app flaws, and provide advanced codeless automation support. By using enhanced manual testing support, customers can control multiple devices in their browser simultaneously. They can also use the sync-on feature to clone manual operations across devices and access diagnostic information in real time, more efficiently. DevicePulse also has built-in CI/CD support with a Jenkins plug-in, REST API, and CLI that enables seamless integration with existing tools and processes.

Junwei Ying, our senior project manager of Solutions Architecture, says, “With our flexible on-premises and online offerings, DevicePulse benefits mobile app development and test teams regardless, whether a company owns a device lab or not. DevicePulse enables teams with remote employees or cross-national offices to access test devices via your browser which will shorten test cycles, boost cross-team collaboration, and increase device utilization, resulting in cost savings.”

DevicePulse also provides many advantages which help streamline team processes while improving device management. These include:

  • Test project management, multiple tenant support
  • Granular device utilization reports
  • Role-based permission control

We will be connecting with the attendees at this year’s MWCA and showcasing DevicePulse’s ability to support customers’ app development and testing needs. Our team of experts will be available to discuss this innovative solution around mobile test automation and discuss collaboration opportunities.

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