For our June Employee Spotlight, Tony was nominated and will be highlighted in today’s interview:

Marketing: Hi everyone out there! We have Tony Hong here for our June Employee Spotlight, congratulations on being nominated.

Tony: Thanks! I’m excited to be doing this interview and ready for these questions.

Marketing: That’s great to hear, we’ll start off with some basics and hopefully get into the good stuff later on. The first question, can you tell us about your education and background?

Tony: Let’s see, after graduating from South Eugene High school I attended two years of college for a Computer Programming degree. In 2001, I went back to college and got an IT degree in 2004. I’ve always loved tech so I wanted to continue my passion with it.

Marketing: Going back to school is always a smart move, also having a break isn’t too bad either. Alright, how long have you been working with Beyondsoft?

Tony: I have been working with Beyondsoft for over 9 years. I started as a FW Tester and became a FW Test Engineer within a year. After a couple of years as a Test Engineer, I got promoted to FW Test Engineer Lead at Vancouver site. Currently, I’m leading a team of seventeen testers in the FW Test department.

Marketing: It seems that you have gone quite a way from starting out and worked your way up. It awesome to see growth within the company and it doesn’t stop there. The next question is what would you say your great strength is and why?

Tony: This is a good one, my greatest strength is always helping Testers resolve any testing issues they have. My co-workers can count on me being at work on time and preparing testing to make sure all testing requests complete right on schedule.

Marketing: Having good time management is a top tier skill in our opinion. There are a million things going on and making sure tasks are done currently and on time are crucial to a successful team. Okay, if you could go anywhere in the world right now where would you go?

Tony: I have not been to Europe as it has so many places to see and I wouldn’t know where to start. Another place I would love to go to is Australia, I picture myself laying on the beach relaxing.

Marketing: Well don’t forget your sunscreen! We got one final question for you here Tony, as we know you have a busy schedule. Imagine having all the money in the world, what would be the first thing you buy?

Tony: You say all the money the world? Hmm… I would go with buying a nice house for my family. My family has always come first and having somewhere they can feel safe and at peace gives a good feeling.

Marketing: I’m sure you’re not alone on this Tony, as family is a priority for all of us out there. We want to thank you again, Tony, for doing this interview and we wish you good luck for the rest of the year!

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