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November 16, 2017

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Beyondsoft unveils new website

With a fresh, new look and a goal of enabling customers from all areas of the business world to find the solutions and products they need to succeed, we redesigned our corporate website with customers in mind. Incorporating customers’ input inspired us to pursue business excellence and reaffirm our status as a strategic IT partner, striving to serve them better.

Working with outside experts, we developed a site based on our company’s culture to help facilitate a fundamental shift in how we address our customers’ needs. Each partner provided a deep set of expertise that helped us rediscover our brand and achieve our mission. 

Sitecore CMS
As our company develops bigger and better engagements, the need to offer experience in the latest content management systems becomes increasingly important. Collaborating with Sitecore not only allows us to stay on the cutting edge of CMS (custom management system) technology, but also to offer our combined knowledge to customers.
Implementing Sitecore exclusively on Azure allowed us to control for costs during development and allow Beyondsoft to scale globally in the future. Since Sitecore is built using the .NET framework our development team could leverage the experience we already have in .NET to build a CMS our Marketing team could understand and that allowed us to improve later. As a Beijing-based company it was important for us to have localization features, and Sitecore offers this at every turn, allowing us to tailor our content to any language. 

“The existing Beyondsoft site, while well designed, wasn’t a content management system and required a lot of back-and-forth with the IT team in Beijing to add any new content. By going with Sitecore we knew it would scale to support a very large Marketing team and allow us to localize content for multiple language,” said Pat Reilly, manager Data & Analytics.

Wildern – A full-service design and interactive agency
Experts in areas from UX to creative direction, Wildern specializes in brand development, graphic design, digital design, and interactive experiences. The look and feel of the new Beyondsoft site was crafted and implemented by Wildern’s team of design experts.
Wildern worked with the Beyondsoft team to redesign their website with the goal of creating a customer-centric experience and a modern, forward-thinking aesthetic.  We worked closely with a thoughtful team of professionals at Beyondsoft to develop UX personas, customer journeys, task flows, information architecture diagrams, wireframes and visual design comps. 

“The Beyondsoft organization had an established brand that we worked within while introducing a modern + fresh perspective.  With the introduction of modern interface elements, attention to micro-typography + color, and the inclusion of technology focused photography we were able to elevate their digital presence to better represent their business,” said Holly Robins, co-founder and creative director.

This evolution of the Beyondsoft website more accurately demonstrates their deep experience, thought leadership, cutting-edge solutions and meticulous customer service.
One of the more vital components of creating a new website came in the form of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) consultation. We reviewed a detailed research report and made appropriate changes to our SEO structure to help increase website visbility. 

The partnership of these teams helped create a site that is not only visually stunning and user friendly, but also provides customers with a clear path to understanding how Beyondsoft can help grow their business.

Visit our website at to understand more about our offerings and how we can work together to drive business success for you.

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