Today, industries everywhere are leveraging Machine Learning and AI to catapult into new opportunities. The attention the discipline has received makes it a hot commodity but leaves many scratching their heads on how to use it to benefit their own business.

In our latest webinar, Dr. Rob Newman, Director of Solutions & IP Development, who leads BeyondLearning, a fully managed, subscription-based, Machine Learning-as-a-Service at Beyondsoft, breaks down Machine Learning and maps out how companies can use it to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. 

Machine Learning can help deliver predictable and actionable insights.

Machine Learning is simply a discipline that allows computers to learn and extract knowledge from your data. Predictive analytics uses Machine Learning to utilize transactional and historical data to forecast the probabilities of specific future events, with the goal of using these probabilities to drive better business outcomes

Real-world applications include:

  • Recommendation engines
  • Pattern matching
  • Rapid targeting
  • Automated workflow

Big companies are using it to grow their bottom line.

Companies that leverage predictive analytics reap a goldmine of insights that position them to accelerate success and outperform competitors. Amazon evaluates their data from products being sold and clicked on to quickly make a recommendation (customers who viewed x also viewed y) based on the past customer behaviors. Zillow uses Machine Learning to drive their dynamic home value estimator (“Zestimate”) based on a variety of neighborhood datasets.

Need more proof? Check out these impressive use cases

There’s no reason your company can’t benefit too.

Dr. Newman’s team at Beyondsoft has collaborated with leaders in multiple industries to leverage machine learning and predictive analytics to overcome a myriad of obstacles and benefit the overall business goals. Be sure to check out the full webinar for a complete run down of how the team at Beyondsoft can work with you and your data to futureproof your business today.

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